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Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer, we Build the commitment within you to fulfill your dreams to reality, our passion for constructing of creation the extraordinary design work which brings the luxury and comfort into your life. Your belief of Trust makes us stand as a pillar from past 12 long years for changing your Dreams into something beautiful and Allegiant you actually desire.

We R.K.G. Designer are in all type of Construction as well as in interior designer.
We are strongly willing to hold and make the R.K.G family As big As we can with your love and trust that define us. We believe who ever join hands with as we take care of their ethical and economical growth.

We have successful build and designed approx. 90 buildings, 17 farmhouses and 561 flats all over south Delhi. We have extraordinary more than a millons family dream into reality and we believe we will continue this in future.

We inviting you all to be a part of our huge R.K.G family

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